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Levon Biss is a British photographer born in London. Throughout his 25 year career Levon's work has covered a wide range of photographic genres and in 2016 he released the multi-award winning project Microsculpture, a unique three year photographic study of insects in mind-blowing magnification that took the genre of macro photography to an entirely new level. Levon adapted traditional techniques to create a photographic process that revealed the minute details of insects in a resolution and scale never seen before. The project has been viewed by millions has been described as a beautiful marriage between art and science.


Levon's exhibitions display photographs printed in large-scale formats, with insects only a few millimeters long being presented as 3 metre high prints. Each image takes 4 weeks to create and are produced from over 10,000 individual photographs using microscope lenses on a bespoke photographic system. For the last 5 years the Microsculpture exhibition has travelled through Europe, the Middle East, South America and the USA with solo shows in 22 countries.

In 2020 Levon turned his attention to botany and the following year released the series The Hidden Beauty of Seeds & Fruits. Over a period of 6 months Levon studied the collections of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and after inspecting many thousands of specimens he photographed over 100 for the project. The final images display seeds and fruits from around the world in exquisite detail, enabling the viewer to appreciate their intricate textures and adaptations.


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