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Exhibition Hire

Levon's photographic projects are regularly exhibited around the world in museums or galleries, providing entertaining and educational displays that engage with the public on the subject of natural history. He has had solo shows in over 25 countries, celebrating nature with a truly global audience. Levon's photographs resonate with audiences of all ages, revealing hidden macro worlds normally invisible to the human eye.

Microsculpture, The Hidden Beauty of Seeds & Fruits and Extinct & Endangered are all available to licence for public exhibition. With the 'licence-to-print' option the size requirement is flexible for all museums or galleries, enabling the exhibition design to suit your specific venue. Prints can be produced locally, with Levon and his team available to assist in the printing process and lend their valuable experience and expertise in exhibition production.

In additional to the photographs, each exhibition includes exhibition components such as scientific captions, interactive apps, websites, graphic panels, hardback books and project videos.

If you are interested in bringing an exhibition to your venue please email



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